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Providing managed IT services, cybersecurity, private and public cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery and other advanced IT services to mid-market and enterprise customers.

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With none of the stress

We provide a full spectrum of IT services to aid organizations that lack the time or talent to manage their technology in-house to the degree they desire. 

24/7 Help Desk Support

US-based service desk staffed with skilled technicians who remedy most issues on the spot, available 24/7/365 for any problem.


With Managed IT, you can take advantage of flexible, customizable IT solutions tailored to your business and its ongoing changes.


Implementing infrastructure projects and outsourcing IT functions to customers from Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Central America trust our expertise and experience.


For problems we can’t solve remotely


Public/private/hybrid cloud, aws, azure, cloud cost optimization, and migration services.

All the Managed IT Services You Need, and Nothing You Don’t

Invest in technology so you can spend more time on your business 

The “Take Control of Tech” Plan

Invest in technology so you can spend more time on your business 

  • Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation 
  • Tell us your challenges, needs and goals 
  • Get back to business while we make your IT easy 
We make no apologies for setting high standards
Anything You Need

Our tailored approach creates streamlined solutions that put every dollar of your technology investment to work for your business.

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Friendly Price Packages

A La Carte Services to reduce cost and allow you to pay for only what you need

Most Affordable Pricing Strategies

We provide a Multi-tiered service offering package.

  1. The per-device pricing model is flat fee for each type of device that is supported in a customer environment.
  2. The per-user pricing model is like the per-device pricing model, with the difference being that the flat fee is billed per user, per month and covers support for all devices used by each user.
  3. Monitoring only approach the  provides network monitoring services and alerting services
  4. Tiered pricing model allows you to choose from our three level of services.
  5. The all-you-can-eat pricing model is extremely flexible and includes all remote support, on-site support and lab or bench time for an entire organization for a flat fee per month.
  6. A la carte pricing gives customers the ability to select and pay for just the services they need. They can also select multiple offerings to create a customized package of managed IT services.